Dance Art Instructors & Choreographers

Over 30 Years of Experience!

Mrs. Tabitha

PreSchool Dance & Tap/Ballet Instructor

Ms. Tabitha is an experienced dancer and has danced for more than 2 decades.

She has also performed in many pageants and ministered dance in many churches. Tabitha is directly involved with her church’s Dance ministry, “Feet of Praise. Feet of Praise has danced for CIAA and other local places in the community. Besides having a genuine love for dance, she also has a genuine love for children. Children and dance together are the most rewarding combination where she finds the most fulfillment and excitement.

In 1998, Tabitha began teaching dance for a non-profit organization in Louisburg, NC and later, began teaching dance at the Upper Room Christian Academy and Preschool in 2001. She has also been instructing at a local dance studio for many years. Lastly, she is married with four children who are a great help and support to her. Tabitha is also the founder of Dance For Life which was established in 1999.

This organization provides teaching and enhancing the talent and gift of dance. Dance has been proven to be a great way of enhancing coordination, rhythm, aide in muscle toning and cardiovascular workout and build confidence. It is also known that both male and female athletes in college are required to take a dance class. It increases and enhances the agility, reflexes, coordination and balance. Everyone needs dance!