Dance Art Instructors & Choreographers

Over 30 Years of Experience!

Mrs. Holly

Guest Teacher

Ms. Holly has since worked at some of the top studios in the Midwest and on the East Coast.

Two of these Studios have been listed in the Top 10 in the nation by Dance Magazine! She is a National Award winning choreographer with awards including the “Victory Cup” at Starpower Talent Competitions, the “Diamond” choreography award at Showbiz Talent, and “Jazz Teacher of the Year” at Rainbow Dance Connection.

Holly has been a featured choreographer in Insights Magazine and was Miss Kansas Dance 1995!

Holly is a 2001 graduate from the University of Kansas and in her dance classes she focuses on body strength, body conditioning, facility development, technique and form along with motivating and creating positive self-esteem while teaching dancers hard work and determination. Known for her upbeat and “hot jazz” choreography, as well as her contemporary and lyrical,

Holly loves choreography, but loves teaching more! She is happiest in the classroom, with the kids, music on, and bodies dancin’!

Holly has been teaching dance and creating unique choreography for over 15 years! She is passionate about kids and has had a love of teaching from a very young age! She began working at just 17 and quickly began winning high honors at competitions. Working with private studios as well as high school and collegiate dance teams, by 22 she had started her career.

At her first teaching studio she won the honor of Jazz teacher of the Year for one of the top national talent competitions.