DArt0216-364Tuition for classes are paid on a monthly basis. Most classes cost $45 a month. Students come to class once a week for $45 a month.

Take a second class each week for only $35 more a month. ($80 per month for two classes a week)

Sibling discount is 10% off per child.


Tuition is based on nine months, Sept – May. We finish the dance season with a striking performance in May.  We accept student enrollment throughout the entire dance season.  September 2016 – May 2017.  Our tuition is based on four weeks a month.

Performance Fees for our End of Season Recital in May

There is no performance or recital fee due to participate in the recitals. Parents purchase a costume for the recital (details below) but there is no additional recital fee.  Come enjoy the fun!


Costume Fees

A costume will be required per child if they plan on participating in our annual dance performance. The costumes will be the parent/guardians responsibility to purchase. Costumes range from $65-$70 per costume*. Students will only have to purchase one costume for our annual performance. If your dancer is in a combo class they will only purchase one costume. 

If your child is in more than one dance class, you will be asked to purchase more than one costume.

*Costumes Fees are For Fall/Spring Classes Only.  The costume is for our recital in May.  There is no  costume fee for summer classes and camps.*