This class is a fusion of creative movement and basic hip hop to get all the wiggles out!  This class focuses on muscle development, coordination, and musicality through fun and creative ways.  Great for boys and girls!  This class is for younger students that want a more energetic class.

  • Freestyle moves and rhythm development
  • Builds confidence as dancers have a chance to “do their own dance” etc.
  • Learning and dancing to upbeat hip hop choreography
  • Across the floor hip hop sequencing
  • Introduction to tap
  • Basic tap skills and sounds
  • Rhythm and timing

extra2The goals of these classes include: 

  • To learn dance fundamentals of space, time, energy, coordination, and rhythm
  • To develop classroom skills
  • To give them first opportunities to perform, which builds confidence
  • To have fun and learn to love dance
  • To begin learning basic dance terminology and steps