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This popular combination class is designed for students to express their individuality through dance. The ballet/tap class introduces young students to ballet and tap through imagination activities and movement. Students will have fun learning dance.  Basic ballet concepts & terms will be introduced along with a vocabulary of tap steps.  Once a child has reached this age, we will begin t

o incorporate more elements of traditional ballet technique. Developing strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.  By the age of three or four, most children seem to have a special feeling for rhythm, and this is the perfect a

ge to encourage them in it. Students learn though creativity and other fun dance activities.

The goals of these classes include:

  • To learn dance fundamentals of space, time, energy, coordination, and rhythm
  • To develop classroom skills
  • To give them first opportunities to perform, which builds confidence
  • To have fun and learn to love dance
  • To begin learning basic dance terminology and steps



Students will be introduced to the following and much more:

  • Ballet stretches
  • Ballet positions
  • Children learn dance moves disguised as simply having fun to their favorite songs!
  • Ballet walks and basic terminology
  • Introduction to tap
  • Basic tap skills and sounds
  • Rhythm and timing