Pointe technique is the part of classical ballet technique that concerns pointe work, in which a ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet.  Pointe work is performed while wearing pointe shoes.  Extensive training and practice are required to develop the strength and technique needed for pointe work.

POINTE PAGE2Pointe technique is concerned with body alignment, placement of the feet, and the manner in which a dancer transitions to and from pointe.


POINTE PAGE1Students that are interested in Pointe at DanceArt Studio are required to take additional ballet classes a week and go through an evaluation process to be placed in a pointe class.  This is for the safety of the student since pointe is a dance form that can cause injury if a student isn’t technically executing the movement properly.

Our trained professionals observe students one on one before a dancer goes on pointe and wears pointe shoes.