Students will be introduced to basic dance movement, coordination, music and hearing the beat.  Students will do imaginative princess dances and use scarves as they dance around like fairies.  The parent is in the dance room for moral support and participates in some dance activities.  This is a great dance class for students that are

not quite ready to leave mommy or daddy.  Students learn to be around other children in a structured but “fun” atmosphere!  These classes build a bond between both mother and child.  (Parent is in the room with dancer to help them get acquainted):


For this youngest of dancers, we offer:
  • Intro to Dance:  Ballet Shoes or Barefoot


The goals of these classes include:
  • To learn dance fundamentals of space, time, coordination, and rhythmmommy and me
  • To develop classroom skills
  • To give them first opportunities to perform, which builds confidence
  • To have fun and learn to love dance