JAZZ-2The student will be introduced to jazz terminology and technique.

This high-energy class starts with a warm-up, then proceeds to across the floor technique, and finishes with center combination choreography. It is a form of dancing that showcases a dancer’s individual style!  A students originality can be shown and expressed in a jazz class.  This class is energetic and fun allowing each jazz dancer to interpret and execute moves in their own way.  Jazz dance can often be seen in videos, Las Vegas  Broadway Shows, Musical Theater Choreography, and very often on “So You Think You Can Dance”.


Jazz Dancers need to wear dance clothing items that allows them to move.  Body lines need to be visible so baggy clothes are discouraged.  

The goals of these classes include:

  • To learn dance fundamentals, coordination, and rhythm skills
  • To develop classroom skills
  • To give them first opportunities to perform, which builds confidence
  • To have fun and learn to love dance
  • Teaches music appreciation.
  • Encourages creative and artistic expression.
  • Promotes fitness and cardiovascular exercise.
  • Performing teaches organization and responsibility.
  • Improves posture, coordination, rhythm, and memory.
  • Develops poise and the ability to perform easily in front of others.


Resource Video Examples