Hip Hop is an explosive, funky dance style that combines memory, coordination, rhythm, and loads of energetic FUN! Come learn the latest dance moves from all of your favorite video stars!! By combining faster paced rhythms and movement exercises, your child will get an AWESOME workout without realizing they are breaking a sweat! We will choreograph routines and learn the fundamentals of this funky dance style without sacrificing the joy of dance or the thrill of being a “hip’ ‘kid.

Hip Hop Classes at DanceArt Studio are for students who are ready to move and learn the latest up to date hip hop dance moves!  The class consists of a warmup which focuses on building stamina, improving strength and flexiblity, body conditioning and rhythmic isolations and syncopation. Students will learn the foundations of hip hop movement including across the floor exercises and short combinations to hip hop music.  Class will focus on developing an ear for rhythms and exploring syncopation through movement and choreography. Students are expected to learn and execute a series of combinations throughout the year.


Resources/Video Samples







90s Hip Hop


Street Jazz/Commericial Hip Hop