Dream Gymnastics

Call Ms. Wendy Guidi directly at 919-422-4015 or email dreamgymnasticsnc@hotmail.com

Dream Gymnastics is located next to DanceArt Studio!  www.dreamgymnastics.org

Class Schedule

Summer 8 Week Session:

  • July 5th-August 26th
    $8 weeks $105
  • Fall Semester:
    Starts Sept 6th
    $25 Reg Fee
    $52 per month

Gymnastics Coach

Wendy began dance at the age of 7 years old and was introduced to acro during her dance years. As she continued to dance and “flip” her parents signed her up for a gymnastic class and she has been involved with gymnastics ever since that first class. She started gymnastics at 9 years old and quickly joined the competitive team after a few lessons. She stopped competing as a Level 8 gymnast and began teaching the summer before leaving for college. She attended North Carolina State University and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry. She taught gymnastics during her college years and then transitioned into her field of study. After only a few months, she realized that her passion was teaching gymnastics. She worked as a competitive team coach, director of summer camps, director of preschool and Manager before starting her family. During her pregnancies and raising two little girls, she continued working with the preschool program and various camps and clinics. Her greatest joy is being a mom to her 2 beautiful girls, Lilly and Lauren and a wife to her amazing husband, Ray.

As a child, Wendy always dreamed of opening a gymnastics business. Through the years, she worked for others as the business was her own. The timing was never right when opportunities arose along the journey. Now after 21 years of coaching, she feels the time is right and her dream is becoming a reality. Her journey is a testament of what the sport of gymnastics represents: hard work, repetition, dedication and determination. She is passionate about children and gymnastics and loves to see the child grow emotionally and physically.

Gymnastics is an amazing sport that prepares your body physically and emotionally. Body awareness, spatial awareness, fitness, strength, flexibility, self esteem, and confidence are a few of the benefits of the sport of gymnastics. My girls have been “raised” in gymnastics and it has provided a foundation for other sports. Gymnastics has been instrumental in shaping my life by providing me with life lessons such as dedication, determination and hard work. I am excited to have the opportunity to share my love of the sport and watching children grow with confidence.