Teaches basic clogging steps and terminology. Familiarizes students with clogging history and traditional styles of clogging. Provides an opportunity to learn choreographed routines. Introduces cloggers to essential concepts for performing such as confidence, concentration, and showmanship.

Class Format and Structure:

Our clogging classes generally start with rise and shine which is a warmup that allows the students to showcase steps they have been working on.

Steps are introduced throughout the year such as the basic, double step, fontana, walk the dog, ect. Once numerous steps have been taught and the students feel confidant with the basics the instructor introduces clogging steps moving across the floor.  Fun choreography and combinations are taught to help improve memorization and mastering clogging skills.

Clogging is for the dancer that loves making noise with their feet. Clogging requires students to constantly think about moving certain areas of your foot a certain way. Students love moving their feet fast and connecting steps to make challenging beats/rhythms.

Resource Video Examples