Grab those boas, princess dresses, fancy outfits and hit
the floor at a bipirate partyrthday dance party. We provide your own tables, chairs, party room, gift/cake room, and party leader. The party leader plays live music and leads kids in themed dances throughout the party. You choose your theme! Boogie to general dance music/party songs, leap & twirl through Ballerina Fairy & Princess Parties, Dance with Elsa at a Frozen Party, or you tell us your idea and we make that idea come true for your birthday star! From a first birthday to a sweet sixteen, we can make your child’s birthday special!  No set up or clean-up for parents. No stress. Tons of fun!
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We offer personal & private birthday parties for kids of all ages!

Private Party Room – Energetic Party Leader – Dance, Fun, Music, Games, & More $175.00 for a 1.5 Hour Party

DanceArt wants to offer you an exciting and unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday. DanceArt has created an explosive birthday party atmosphere within our fabulous studio designed to make your Birthday Star feel special.
Themes (optional)
  • Frozen
  • Disney Princess
  • Fairies
  • Tea Party
  • PreSchool Aged Parties
  • Rock n Roll
  • Boogie Down
  • Pirates
  • Hip Hop
  • Disney “Brave”, “Monsters”, “Nemo”
  • Dora
  • “One Direction”
  • Madagascar
  • Tumbling/Acro Parties & More!

Mention this add and get $15 off a stress free and fun party!

To find out more information about our birthday parties or to reserve a date please call 919-550-6556






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