hugWe are dedicated to bringing outstanding training and experience in the art of dance to home schoolers in the area. We are unique in offering classes during the day and with a parent inclusive open door policy! We would be honored to nurture physical confidence, grace and athletic strength in your children. These classes are very unique in that the makeup of the particular class will greatly dictate the curriculum. Dance provides a kinesthetic awareness for children of all ages that will help them to grow and develop their gross motor skills. Children will get some of the fundamentals that would come in a physical education class, but with a unique twist to bring out a child’s blossoming creativity.

DanceArt Studio proudly supports families that choose to home school their children. We know home school groups are very active in providing their students meaningful and enriching learning experiences beyond the books. That’s where we come in!

We believe our dance classes can be a great addition to your home school curriculum. Our classes offer a creative outlet for children to express themselves while adding physical activity and social interaction. All classes, regardless of the style, focus on improving musicality, dance technique, balance, and fine motor skills. We use age appropriate music and choreography to add style and grace to your student’s day.

Class offerings:

homeschool2Classes run along the school year schedule and last at least one semester.

September through December and January – May
Friday 11:30-12:15pm



dresses-3Sample Tuition:

One 45 minute class per week – $45 per month

HomeSchool Discount Rate $42 per month

advertisingpicDress Code:

Dancers are asked to wear any color leotard and dance tights or any type of dancewear. Barefoot or dance shoes.

Additional Information:

A minimum of 5 students is required for each class.

Now what?

Once you’ve decided if our program is the right fit for your family , you can enroll by email, phone, or online. We do the rest. We provide our top-notch staff for class, handle the financials, and add the joy of dance to your student’s week.

The goals of these classes include:
  • To learn dance fundamentals, coordination, and rhythm skills
  • To develop classroom skills
  • To give them first opportunities to perform, which builds confidence To have fun and learn to love dance
  • Teaches music appreciation.
  • Encourages grace, creative and artistic expression.
  • Promotes fitness and cardiovascular exercise.
  • Performing teaches organization and responsibility.
  • Improves posture, coordination, rhythm, and memory.
  • Develops poise and the ability to perform easily in front of others.
Preschool/Early Elementary- ballet shoes or barefoot
  • Basic creative movement learned through a series of dance “games” such as freeze dance, balance learned using bean bags, etc.
  • Visualization by using scarves etc. to connect to a specific topic.. ie… paint to pain the room, or snow falling, or rain etc. Talking about different science topics and how to use our body to learn about those topics. Often times books will be used to help children visualize!
  • There will be a sampling of ballet, tap, lyrical, jazz, and hip hop styles depending on the interests of the majority of the students.
Elementary/Middle/High- ballet shoes, foot undies, or barefoot
  • A continuation of the skills taught in preschool/early elementary
  • Possible journaling of a particular topic that may have to do with a current event or with a particular book etc.
  • Creativity blossomed in different dimensions by using the body to create movement based from words, thoughts and ideas.
  • Sampling of dance styles including hip, hop, jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, etc. based on class preference and interest.
  • High School aged students will focus more on social awareness, service learning and current events in creating movement. There will be a final project presented at the end of the dance year.