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What are you looking for? Lose weight, get toned, decrease stress, work out for fun, lose your baby weight, increase endurance, or to have some “you” time! You can do it at DanceArt Studio in our adult wellness classes just for women!


Class Schedule:


Fit with Brenda 5:15am (Brenda)

BootCamp/Abs/Fit 8:30am (Traci)

Werq Dance Fitness 9:30am (Megan)

Step Condition 4:30pm (Linda)

Cardio Dance/Zumba/Dance Fitness 6:00pm (Felicia)

**Childcare Monday 8:30-11:30am, 4:30-5:15, 6:00-6:45pm**


Dance Energy 8:30am (Traci)

Abs & Weights 9:30am (Brenda)

Cardio Sculpt 5:15pm (Linda)

Cardio Dance/Zumba/Dance Fitness 6:00pm (Felicia)

Werq Dance Fitness 6:45pm (Megan)

Power Yoga 7:35pm (Jennifer)

**Childcare Tuesday 8:30-10:30am, 5:15-7:30pm**


Fit with Brenda 5:15am (Brenda)

Bootcamp 8:30am (Brenda)

Werq Dance Fitness 9:30am (Megan)

**Childcare Wednesday 8:30-10:30am**


Zumba 8:30am (Traci)

Abs & Weights 9:30am (Tiffanie)

Werq Dance Fitness 6:00pm (Megan)

Cardio Dance/Zumba/Dance Fitness 6:45pm (Felicia)

Power Yoga 7:30pm (Jennifer)

**Childcare Thursday 8:30-10:30am, 6:00-7:30pm**


Fit with Brenda 5:15am (Brenda)

BootCamp 8:30am (Brenda)

Werq Dance Fitness 9:30am (Megan)

**Childcare Friday 8:30-10:30pm**


Cardio Dance/Werq/Step 8:30am (Felicia/Megan/Dianna)

**Childcare provided on Saturday 8;30-9:30am**


About Our Adult Fitness Classes

DanceArt Studio Adult Fitness Classes appeals to women of all ages who prefer working out at a studio that offers group fitness classes and a supervised playroom, all for an affordable rate.

This studio is designed with a clean, friendly, non-intimidating environment. Our studio is committed to providing exceptional customer service. We strive to ensure that each lady can achieve their fitness goals in our clean, friendly, and affordable!

DanceArt Studio Women’s Only Adult Fitness Classes wants to meet each member’s individual needs, and maximizing their experience – each time they visit us. We are devoted to creating an atmosphere that encourages freedom and support for each lady that has a fitness goal or plan. All of the classes offer the movement and styles studied and practiced by our energetic instructors and staff. We are dedicated to improve women’s lives through our creative weight loss and health programs! Come join us for a workout and some fun!

We are located in the 40/42 (Cleveland School) Community in DanceArt Studio.



Class Descriptions 

5:15am Get Fit Program
Combination of cardio, weights, and plyometrics. Beginners welcome, but be ready to step it up! Work out at 5:15am before work with ladies that want to start their day with an awesome workout!


A series of cardio exercises & abs alternating together to create a fun energetic workout.
Step Aerobics, Step Condition, & Step Blast
Step isn’t your average step class! This high-energy, athletic-style step class is designed to get your heart rate pumping with easy to follow moves, suitable for both low or high impact. It includes intervals, toning with weights, and an ab-blast to give you the ultimate, total body workout!


Werq! Dance Fitness Class
High energy adult fitness dance class to strengthen your cardio as well as your whole body. A super fun workout! Come Werq werq-logoit with Megan!
Cardio Tone
Alternates low impact/high intensity cardio with resistance training with dumbbells followed with ab work on the mat or stability ball.
Sculpt & Strength
An all resistance class using dumbbells, bands, stability balls, and the barbell to build strength and tone and sculpt the muscles.
This class is designed to shape and Tone the body without building muscular size or bulk. This class is highly recommended to those enrolled in a weight loss program because it helps retain lean muscle tissue while boosting metabolism. This class is designed to burn calories far more than “cardio only” workouts.


Cardio Dance Workout
Want to hear about the fun? This Cardio Dance Workout Class (a Latin inspired urban fitness) is a fitness workout combining salsa, meringue, Zumba class for women at a gymcalypso, reggaeton, and hip hop. It gives you an opportunity to work out, reach personal fitness goals, and have fun when exercising. Burn 900-1400 calories in an hour by dancing and having fun; a typical treadmill work out burns 600 calories in the same time. Sign up today to burn calories while having fun!



zumba vintage turquoise seal isolated on white

Zumba fuses latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a fitness program while having a blast! Ditch the workout! Join the Party! Enough said…the most fun workout you can ask for!!


Dance Craze
A fun workout dance classwith Traci! Do the electric slide,
chadance-craze cha slide, and more! Lose weight and stay fit while having fun! Come give it a try!



Totally Toned
This group fitness class is designed to help women that want a modified and slower workout. Beginners, older adults, or people with past health problems that prefer to workout on a slower pace can take this class to maintain good Women in Yoga Class, relaxation exercisehealth! Meet some new friends to support one another during these classes designed specifically for senior’s citizens. Help maintain your cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility. Fitness tools such as hand weights, small exercise balls, and stretch bands are used to scale the exercises to individual abilities. This is an easy-to-follow class that will help you stay strong!


Power Yoga- A vinyasa flow class designed to build heat, strength, and Two yogas woman indoorsflexibility. The creatively sequenced movements are linked with the breath for a flowing, transformational class that balances a sweaty, vigorous practice with deeply restorative stretches and an extended relaxation to finish. This class is tailored to all levels, and modifications will be given for every pose.

Gentle Power Yoga- A vinyasa flow class with a slower pace and a longer restorative session than Power Yoga. There will be plenty of strength building postures and opportunity to sweat, but overall gentler and less intense. For all levels.

Chair Yoga- Perfect for anyone with mobility issues or absolute beginners to yoga. The chair will assist as we move through gentle stretches and a guided relaxation.

Gentle Yoga- A gentle flow, which links movement and breath for a healing and restorative practice designed to gently build strength and balance. Wonderful for all levels.




Adult Ladies Fitness Class Rates:

Push Up mit Kettlebells3 months for $90
No enrollment fee ($30 a month unlimited classes & childcare)
$29.99 per month for 12 months
Annual Commitment/Contract (Childcare included.)
$34.99 per month for six months
6 month commitment/contract (Childcare included.)
$150 for 6 months
Up Front Special Pay Up Front for 6 months. $150
Trial Class
$5 (new members only. limit 3 per customer)
3 Day Class Pass
$15 (If you enroll, the $15 goes towards your membership package. Must use the 3 Day Pass within 5 days