Join us for one of our Fun Friday/Saturday Night Parties full of dancing, crafts, singing, games, and more!  We offer “themed” parties Friday and/or Saturday nights to any child that wants to attend.  You do not have to be a currently enrolled dancer to attend the party. Bring friends!  Make it a fun night.  Throughout the year we have “Frozen” Parties, “American Doll” Parties, “Teen Beach 2”, Costume Parties, Father/Daughter Party, Princess Parties, and More!

Most of the parties cost $20 to attend or $15 per child if you sign up with a friend or sibling.

Parents you can drop off and run errands or grab dinner while your child is having a fun time.  Or parents can stay and feel free to observe in our observation areas.

It’s your choice.  Sign up for a party today!